Share what you are working on

Share what you are working on

In the spirit of crowd-sourcing, why dont we share what type of games we are working on and if you have a demo, screenshots, trailer, etc.

I’ll go first. I am working on 2 projects in my copious spare time.

  1. a liquid physics game where solid objects drop from the top of the screen, you place them and then they dissolve to consume space. Your estimation skills are put to good use! Trust your eye balls.

  2. a farming type game that I started over 5 years ago. I work on this off and on. It was the first game I started before I even worked for Cocos2d-x.

My games are built with Cocos2d-x v2 and are for PC and mobile.

I am working on Star Traders: Frontiers for Steam:

and maintaining Templar Battleforce, which is already out on mobile:

My next project is also in Cocos2d-x. I think about changing engines a lot, but CC2dx is just too stronk.


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Actually it’s bad idea to share your idea and demo, nowadays it’s can be easily and quickly cloned and used. You can share only when you for example already doing soft launch in Canada.

I see your point, but you ruin the topic.

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Yes, saying what is right sometimes hard to accept, but it’s not only my point.
Almost all developers\companies are not showing their games before they have almost complete or stable beta build. Also, some other things needed for marketing and should be applied later or step by step… Releasing your product info to public should be a very thoughtful and reasonable step, depending on a your marketing strategy…

You are entitled to your opinion and I can respect you voicing it. However, why pollute the topic? If you don’t agree with the topic why not just stay out of it? Those that agree with the topic can then talk without have it cluttered with opinionated nonsense?

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Because asking to share is wrong, maybe there are some newbie devs that don’t understand current market reality but with cool idea in development and they share it and someone clone it then… so by telling that it’s wrong to share whats in development I thinking that I can help them in such way…
And for sure, me personally never share my current game in development…

If you really understood the market, you would know that the idea is 1% and the execution is 99%. Ideas are worth nothing if you don’t know how to execute it well.


Well… I’m gonna share since it can inspire others! @slackmoehrle

I’m working on a beautiful maze related game!
There are multiple game modes I am calling “Trials” and the main goal of every level in every mode is to find the exit!

This is a fully featured game with:

  • Fully Customize Themeing that add on to the level experience
  • Advanced AI
  • Asset Protection
  • Facebook Interation
  • In-App Purchases
  • And much more!

So close to being finished and ready for release. Just gotta fix all the Bugs! :slight_smile:

Here are some screenshots and a link to some videos of game play and the customization!

The Videos are dithered and some animation lag because of the screen recording software I was using :disappointed: But gives a good idea of what the game is! :smile:

GamePlay :
Cusomization :


Let me know what you think :slight_smile:

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If your game is released for Android, I do have some questions.

Can you tell more about it? Because on Android, it’s fairly easy to unzip an APK.

Do you server to server verification for it? This is also a big topic, because rooted devices can “fake” the purchases. Or isn’t it important for you?

The gameplay video is quite cool.

@bruno1308 is absolutely right… Execution is everything.

@anon98020523 And reason people fail at making games its because they don’t share their idea and make the game in their own bubble without any feedback from anybody. These people are bound to fail. Don’t forget who’s your audience.

P.S. share your idea please I will copy it :smiley:


My current (spare time) project is an inspired game by Der Planer from 1994. I played the game, when I was a kid and because of my apprenticeship I always wanted to build this.

The gameplay is easy explained. You get hired as a CEO of a logistic company and you coordinate the transportation of the goods of your customer. It’s a classical economic simulation.

My plan is to release it for mobile (and maybe on desktop and if I can get a Switch dev-kit, also on Switch - this would be nice).

So what I did was use texturepacker for images, and all of the game script like the levels, configurations, etc… are all in password protected zip files with a run-time hash generated password.

All data regard scores are put into an encrypted sqlite database with a run-time generated password as well has some hash salt from the users device (although it doesn’t work in Android since your can’t get the device ID)

When you log in with Facebook, you score data, past in-game purchases get synced to a server in case you use a different device.

As for iap, I so use purchase receipts!

What do you mean by that? It can only be an “install time” hash or do you encrypt the zip file on every new app start? And what is the initial password or do you download the assets at first runtime and encrypt it on the device? Questions over questions…

Hi! I’m part of a game studio called Murphy’s Toast Games dedicated to create games to promote science. We are currently developing Ancestors: stories of Atapuerca.

The game focuses on human evolution and it will allow you to lead a group of our ancestors (Neanderthals and 2 other species) on their quest for survival. You will hunt awesome animals such as the mighty mamooth, explore new technologies and compete with other groups for the territory.

We are currently in the middle of the development for android/ios. Here is a screenshot:

In the meantime we are also maintaining our very first game: Evolving Planet.

Both games were developed using cocos2d-x; we code under Linux and we are happy with it being open source and having so many extensions (from Achievements to Spine imports).

All this much more complex than you can even imagine… but I will not off-topic here.

You mean used texture packer protection? So you know, that it’s only encrypts first 6 bytes(as I remember) of the file? And so can be easily decrypted for person who familiar with cracking and that idea of protection provided is just makes such people smile… So when I checked that protection option - finally decided not to use it, because it’s increases risk of rejects from Apple, because many their QA’s who tests build not correctly understands this:

And also, whatever of how you generate password it will be generated finally, as variable, so can be debugged and found…

I can easily use for example Charles and modify request and\or response and set any amount of money or game items I need…

In all this war protection against hacking, protection - always behind…

So finally, if needed you game will be hacked, copied, modified and you can’t do anything with it. So thats why I’ve decided even not to spend time by trying to prevent this…

Also, wanted to ask one question. You have used PageView here?


Have you faced problem with glitchy jumping of PageView during scroll to the last element? - if you have any comments, please share it on github, to not off-topics here.

If @mozartalouis had not shared you would not be asking the questions you are asking based upon an issue you experienced! I’ll leave it at that.

@mozartalouis your concept is cool. How long have you been developing this game? Happy to beta test :slight_smile:


Hi I am working on Business Inc. 3D - it’s a business simulator game - firstly released 2 months ago - still working on network features and gameplay improvements.

Here are some screenshots: