Share text ios cocos2d-x

I need a example or help to share (whatsapp) some text in ios thought cocos2d-x 3.17, I have experience with cocos2d-x but I was not able to create this feature.

You would use some service to do this. We don’t interface with whatsapp. We could read xml also of WhatsApp could export.

yes, but I want to open the view to share example:

The information provided at this link would be a good start to learn how to open up the sharing window:

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well, Thank you by the response but I wasn’t able to add this code to my project, I’m not developer in Objective-c, Do you know ho I can do it, I was trying a lot but I can not do it.

A web search will help you with that. It’s not complex, and it’s best you read the official documentation from Apple (select Objective-C as the language on the top of the Apple page):

There are many examples online, even in Objective-C, and you can find them by just doing a quick search.

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