Share button of Game Center UI doesnt work on iPad 3

Share button of Game Center UI doesnt work on iPad 3
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I am using SDKBox Play plugin to integrate achievements in my game. I am using the default game center menu to display the total achievements. This menu shows list of achievements. When I click on any achievement, a pop-up is displayed with a share button.

I have seen on other games where clicking this share button opens a pop-up to share some info on facebook, twitter etc. How do I achieve this ?

Currently clicking on that share button just closes the achievements menu.


It appears that Share button doesn’t work only on my iPad 3. I got an iPhone, and that same share button would work. Contrary to my original belief, I guess share button opens a popup to share update on social sites by default. It is just that that button doesn’t work on iPad.

Any idea why ?


Let us ask @yinjimmy for help.


would you like provide a screenshoot about the share function in achievement?

or iOS game link, I’ll try it.


I checked this game ‘Alto’s adventure’

They are using game center’s default achievement screen just like me. However when I click on share button on the achievement description page of their screen, I get lots of options (facebook,twitter,whatsapp,sms) to share.

I am curious on how they managed to do this.


I’m sorry, but it’s a paid app. I can not test it.
A screenshot, thanks.


On clicking the share button on first image, pop-up appears (as shown in second image).
I want to know how they would have implemented this.


I’m researching on this. Thanks for you info.


Please check the updated description. My issue seems only specific to iPad


I’m Sorry, i checked the Apple doc . No information about this.