Shadows all over the place when using 2 cameras (splitscreen)

When using two cameras to do a split-screen for a local 2-player mode
the shadows are all over the place when using shadow map in CC3.0.1.

(Planar does work as expected though)

So I think shadow maps can’t be used when more than one camera is active?

(BTW: Also the in-editor camera preview behaves very weirdly on the second cam.
The view gets pretty distorted is seems…?)

So no one tried stuff like this? As soon as you adjust the rect property on the cam,
(even if it is only one cam) any type of dynamic shadow goes crazy.
No matter if shadow map or planar. Meh.

Could you please offer us a demo to test?

Here is the zipped project.

Two camera split-screen is setup.

When you want to see correct shadows, just enable the third camera
which is just a Rect 0,0,1,1 fullscreen cam.

My guess is the problem is that changing the Rect somehow messes with the shadows.

(I have had this problem since 3.0, tested it on any version after that, same thing.
I am on OSX 10.14.6.)

Thank you for your feedback, this is a bug, and we have create a issue to repair it inside.

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