ShaderNode (v3.15)

ShaderNode (v3.15)


Hello I’ve tried the ShaderNode (see tests/cpp-tests/Classes/ShaderTest/ShaderTest.cpp).
I tried ShaderNode with Heart.fsh.
It works on an empty Scene but not on an Scene with other other objects. Its invisible.

Edit1: I’m using it on Android Platform
Edit2: I just realized that it works on my old Samsung Galaxy S3 but not on xiaomi mi redmi note 4x. Strange

Is there any known issues? What can I do to make it work in my Game?


any help?

Creating Texture2D from RenderTexture seems also to be empty.
Do I have to change some openGL settings?

I really do need help.


after removing Labels (BMFont) from Game World Layer… everthing was fine again.
what a nice community here… 80 views not even one attempt to help :rofl::joy:

I’m off!


I’m sorry that nobody got to this question in time. With GDC next week many of us are busy preparing an all new website.

I’ll go ahead and deactivate your account since you are off. you can re-activate it again if the time comes.

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