Setting image from http resource using cc.loader.load

Setting image from http resource using cc.loader.load
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Why this is not working? How to I set a spriteFrame from a downloaded image?

Getting this error:
NetworkCtrl.js:53 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘spriteFrame’ of undefined
at CCLoader. (NetworkCtrl.js:53)
at CCLoader.js:253
at utils.js:85

This is my code:

extends: cc.Component,

properties: {
        default: null,
        type: cc.Sprite

LoadImageOnline: function () {
    var newTexture = new cc.Texture2D();
    cc.loader.load('', function (err, tex) {



How to make this work?
Updated code but getting this error:
NetworkCtrl.js:61 Uncaught TypeError: st is not a function
at CCLoader. (NetworkCtrl.js:61)
at CCLoader.js:253
at utils.js:85

From the docs: the load method can handle callback function:

Updated the code to include this:

setTex: function (t){

loadImageOnline: function (){
    var st = this.setTex;

    cc.loader.load('', function (err, tex, st) {
        cc.log('Should load a texture from external url: ' + (tex instanceof cc.Texture2D));
       cc.log('tex width: ' + tex.width );
       cc.log('tex loaded: ' + tex.loaded );



Have you tried this?

cc.loader.load('', function (err, tex) {
        this.testimg.spriteFrame = new cc.SpriteFrame(tex);


Still getting the same error.


Well, it looks like it’s a problem with your code, since this.testimg is undefined… Have you set the reference to this sprite on the editor?



Checked again, I’m sure its referenced in the editor.


You are using the ‘this’ keyword inside a function scope, it will reference the inner scope, not your class.

cc.loader.load('',  (err, tex) => {
    this.testimg.spriteFrame = new cc.SpriteFrame(tex);

or get a reference for your desired this scope before:

var that = this;
cc.loader.load('',  function (err, tex) {
    that.testimg.spriteFrame = new cc.SpriteFrame(tex);


According to the documentation.

proto.load = function(resources, progressCallback, completeCallback) {

I should be able to pass in a callback function ‘completeCallback’. I’m still trying to get this it work.


See my answer above


It works.


Both of these work:

if you don’t already have a default image in the spriteFrame in editor, you have to use this.
that.testimg.spriteFrame = new cc.SpriteFrame(tex);

otherwise this will be ok.


You should probably set the post that helped you to “solved”


Yes I should, its set.