SetSkin doesn't work properly for Spine

SetSkin doesn't work properly for Spine
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I have a spine animation with several skins.
When I use a skin as a default one everything works perfectly, but when I try to change the skin runtime in code with ‘skeleton.setSkin(mySkin);’ this doesn’t work properly… some of the slots attachments remain visible and some of the new attachments from the new skin does not appear. How SetSkin is implemented?? I saw a note “Note that setting the skin does not change which attachments are visible.” and it seems its relevant to my problem. What is the solution in this case?


its probably not setup properly in spine.

I use cocos2d-x and setskin() works perfectly


it works fine with other spine animations, but I have problem with one a bit complicated spine. If I set default skin it works without problem for all skins, but when I change the skin at runtime, it doesn’t work only for this spine. So I wonder why as a default skin it works perfectly and after runtime change of the skin it does not.


Just to find a clue what can be the reason.


Care to share?


Actually I can not but I found a workaround. Because of my spine object needs one skin per item and it never changes it in runtime, I solved it with just changing the defaultSkin instead of setSkin. Nevertheless now I think the problem is in spine asset and not in creator :confused: