setRotation shift center of video node to bottom left corner

I am using Cocos Creator 3.3.2

In my scene I have a video component.

FullScreenOnAwake i set to false since this is a square video.

I start the video from code.

I want to correct the orientation of the video to match the orientation of the device.
if I do a setRotation on the video node, the origin of the node shift to bottom left corner.

I have put the video in the center of the screen, but if I do a set rotation, bottom left corner of the video comes to the center of the screen.

Can you please provide some help to solve this issue?

Do you have a demo that engineering can test with?

@slackmoehrle thank you for your response
Please find the link below

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@slackmoehrle any update on this?

I will follow up.

Hi, the rotation function of video player is not yet adapted.