Selling Game Source Code

Selling Game Source Code

Hello Guys,

we want to sell our Source Code (Assets like Graphics/Audio included) of our Game Pocket Air Hockey

If anyone is interested or want some more information let us know via pm.

What is included in the Source Code:

  • Scene Managment
  • Resource Managment
  • Handling different play modes
  • Unlock functionality
  • SQL Lite Database integration
  • Airhockey Gameplay
  • Collectable Items + Effects
  • Currency System
  • Different difficulties which affect the AI
  • AD integration

The Code can be used to see how a full released game could look like, showing how different parts work together.
You can republish the game, make your own game out of it by changing gameplay things / redesign and so on.

The game was made with Cocos V 3.10 so if you want to port it to the newest Version of cocos I can help you with that. Also the code documentation isn’t complete and could need some additional help.


Hey, i don’t know how to inbox you ti buy source code.
How can i contact with you?