SDKBOXPlayGCDelegate crash when signing out on Game Center popup

Steps to reproduce:

1.) Sign out of your apple ID on a simulator
2.) Sign in on an apple ID
3.) Do not set up game center yet.
4.) Open a game that uses game center through SDKBOXPlay
5.) Tap ‘Sign Out’ on the game center popup.
6.) Confirm.
7.) App Crashes

As described above: There is a specific popup of the game center popup which allows the user to select ‘continue’ or ‘sign out’. This only happens once on a device if they launch a game before game center is set up. If they sign out in this pop up, SDKBOXPlay crashes.

The line of code:

#17 0x00000001079eb306 in __31-[SdkboxPlayGCDelegate signin:]_block_invoke at /Volumes/extend/jenkins/sdkbox/release/plugins/sdkboxplay/proj.ios/PluginSdkboxPlay/

Version of sdkboxPlay: v2.6.0.1 (Also happened on older version)

thanks for feedback.

we have fix it in staging server. will release in next offical version.