SDKBoxPlay saveGameDataBinary is not a function

Cocos2djs v3.17

SDKBOXPlay v2.4.0.2

The documentation says to use the saveGameDataBinary method to save data as saveGameData is deprecated, but when I try to use it I get the error that saveGameDataBinary is not a function.

What can be wrong?

I also cannot get loadAllGameData to work, the onLoadGameData callback never works.

Any inputs?

I am bit confused here now. So which function has been removed?

We should be using saveGameDataBinary right to save the game data?

And also i cannot get the callback onLoadGameData to work when calling loadAllGameData, it silently fails.

What could be the issue?

@yinjimmy any response on the above?

Thank you!

Implementing and testing the js binding of this function.

whats the logcat message ?

There is no logcat when calling loadAllGameData. Doesn’t log anything and the event listener is also not called. It fails silently.

Does the app needs to be published for this to work?

we fix the JS binding, plz wait 2 hours to generate staging package.
or update the
PluginSdkboxPlayJSHelper.cpp (17.3 KB) manually.

plz do some checking with Play with C++ - SDKBOX .