SDKBOX "You already own this item" every second time

Hi there,

I know that sdkbox is not supported anymore. However I ran into an issue with consumable items on Android.

I am using the latest available SDKBOX, I use setAutoFinishTransaction(true). I have multiple “consumable” items.


  1. Buy “consumable” item.
  2. Everything is fine, transaction is registered properly.
  3. Buy the same “consumable” item again (even after game restart or “restore”).
  4. Error: you already own this item.
  5. Try to buy it again.
  6. Everything is fine.

I can reproduce it over and over. First purchase is ok, second fails - everytime.

Any ideas how to fix this?


When you are in step 2, take a look in onConsumed callback, which should be failed with error, that’s why you got step 4 error.

Thanks @cybergate. I am checking it right now.

In step 2 onConsumed is called with following error:

“6 server error, please try again”

Purchase is registered properly in Google Play.

Any idea? Is there anyone else who experiences similar issue?

When you got an error about consuming a purchase, consume it again.

I am sorry for the late reply. I was busy with the release. Finally I was able to solve the issue with just updating the SDKbox to the latest version v2.7.7.0 (I had the previous version installed… I should have checked it at the very beginning).

Thank you!