SDKBOX wrong compile

SDKBOX wrong compile
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Hi , it seems u forgot something in SDKBOX code - I’m now compiling SDKBOX with c++_static compile enabled in

As understood SDKBOX now automaticly picking files from libs_c++_static folder in JNI folder for plugins, but by some reason SDKBOX core still trying to access libs folder - so it seems u forgot something in code to look into libs_c++_static folder instead of libs.


I think you have to move the files manually - it’s mentioned in the integration guide:

Note: sdkbox link with gnustl by default, if your project link with c++static please replace the files in <project_root>/jni/<plugin_name>/libs with files in <project_root>/jni/<plugin_name>/libs_c++_static folder


I was doing that way before - copying from libs_ c++_static to libs folder - but this time compiler started to complain about this as it was looking for c++_static folder - but I renamed it to libs - after that I keeped everything as it is - everything was compiled until compiler started to compile SDKBOX core where it failed, then I moved files from c++_static to libs inside SDKBOX folder core and compile finished sucessfully.

So I’m assuming now cocos2d-x compiler know that need to check inside c++_static libs for SDKBOX plugins, but by some reason not doing this inside SDKBOX core folder.


update your sdkbox/

LOCAL_PATH := $(call my-dir)

include $(CLEAR_VARS)
LOCAL_MODULE := sdkbox

ifeq ($(APP_STL), c++_static)



Thanks for your report,