SDKBOX without Cocos2d-x?

SDKBOX without Cocos2d-x?


Dear forum : )

I currently have a project in C++ but not using any products from the Cocos-family.
Is there a way to use the plugins from SDKBOX with my own project?

According to it should be doable with something as long as it has a C+±layer.
However when I try to do “sdkbox import iap” in my project’s folder, I get:
#FATAL: no supported projects to import into
Installation failed :frowning:

So I guess it would require certain steps from a normal cocos2d-x project to work?
Are there maybe any hints/tips for this?

Thanks for your time : )



Try to integrate manually because sdkbox import iap will not work for you.


and you need to provide

namespace cocos2d {
const char* cocos2dVersion()
    return "openfl-haxe-version";