SDKBox: Which versions of SDKBox still compile with XCode 10.3


I was having problems with my game when compiling with XCode 11.5. So @yinjimmy suggested I use XCode 10.3. However, when I try to compile with XCode 10.3 I get this error:

“Undefined symbol: ___isPlatformVersionAtLeast”

What do I need to do in order to get my game to compile in XCode 10.3. Do I need to use older versions of the SDKBox libraries? Which versions do I need? Do I need to install new build tools in XCode 10.3?

I tried to contact @yinjimmy about this but he hasn’t responded yet. Does anyone know how to compile SDKBox with XCode 10.3? I only need to use IAP, Admob and SDKBoxPlay.

Thanks for your help.

sorry for my typo, I use Xcode 11.3 .


Hi @yinjimmy ,

Thanks for getting back to me. I tried your suggestion of using Xcode 11.3 but unfortunately it didn’t work. I tried other versions of XCode back to 11, but the same problems kept happening.

Is there any way you could compile versions for me in XCode 9.4? So that there is no “Undefined symbol: ___isPlatformVersionAtLeast” when I compile my game. I know this is a pain for you but my game won’t work properly without these versions.

I don’t mind if you go back to v2.4.3.0. When I was using those versions in XCode 9.4, everything worked really well, but now Apple wants libc++. Is it possible for you to compile these versions? If you can I would be very grateful, and recommend SDKBox and cocos2d-x to every developer I know.

If you can help me out that would be amazing. I only need libraries for IAP, Admob and SDKBoxPlay.

Thank you for your help.

isPlatformVersionAtLeast are in iOS SDK 13, so would require Xcode 11