SDKBox vs Sonar System Helper which on to use?

SDKBox vs Sonar System Helper which on to use?


Being a newcomer into the cocos2d-x scnee I’m a bit lost here. After reading for a while SDKBox seems to be the new standard in cocos2d-x framework but it lanks importnat things like admob support.

So, should I stick to SDKBox that seems the future or it doesn’t matter?


My opinion here might be a bit biased…

But, what we are doing with SDKBOX is really picking plugins that our developers will get the maximum benefit out of. We have an entire engineering team and support team. Since we also work the entire pipe-line SDKBOX is integrated into Cocos2d-x v3.7 natively. Everything you need comes with the release. Just run the installer to grab your plugins.

We have a few awesome plugins coming around 9/16 as well. Stay tuned. The ride just keeps getting better.

Thanks for the fast answer.

Which one are you talking about?

Sorry, what?

I guess he wants to know, which these are :smile:

Money-Printing or World-Domination?

oh, perhaps you are correct.

AdColony, AgeCheq, Chartboost, Facebook, Flurry Analytics, Google Analytics, In-App Purchase, Kochava, Tune, Vungle

Or look here:

They are already out.

But what are those new awesome plugins?

Yep, interested in this too.

Please we need throw in an forget admob plugin :P.


I prefer the Money-Printing one.

What’s the point in the perfect AdMob plugin, which does not print money :wink:

What about that new Amazon stuff?

We need cocos2d-x stuff playing our games 24/7 :smile:

For around 9/16: Soomla, Fyber, Review and maybe just one more thing… :smile:

Soomla? Do you think that makes sense, because Soomla was made as a stand alone solution, no?

I am not involved in deciding what plugins we create.

I see. I always thought of Soomla as a contender to SDKBox. It would just be like creating a Cocos Helper plugin for SDKBox.

If the features of Soomla can be integrated into a plugin, it would make sense tho.

Same here, Soomla is something like SDKBox. It contains IAP support and advertising. Don’t know if some bindings for native extensions like Rate dialogs, etc…


I think one way to think of it, is SDKBOX as a package installer for Cocos2d-x projects. The packages we support are not really plugging into anything, they are being packaged and installed into your project so that the developer doesn’t need to figure out how to configure everything.

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Ah, that makes perfect sense! Thanks.

My only problem with SDKBOX is that it’s not open-source. I don’t mind paying for it, but all the code that makes up my game should be visible, especially critical ads/in-app integrations.

I wish that one more thing is AdMob :smile:

Edit :
I think i should reply to @hexdump too, lol

SDKBOX or Sonar System Helper is depend on your needs and which plugins can help you.

But if you think about future, you just have to make sure you can take out the plugin integration and use other plugins.

What I don’t like in SDKBOX is size of package it seems adding few megabytes to Android app