SDKBOX UI stuck with 404 status code. Please help?

SDKBOX UI stuck with 404 status code. Please help?
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Hi SDKBOX team,

When I launch sdkbox ui for cocos creator v 1.5.2 I met the message bellow:

status code:404 Please tell us at (

what’s wrong exactly?



How to reproduce this issue ? steps, please.

I tested with v1.5.1, but could not reproduce it.


I’m working with v1.5.2 and launch it on cocos creator extension. The dialog pop up with loading info then it stuck with status code 404. And then I dropped it and download individual sdkbox UI and tested it again but when I imported my project dialog error show up like " Query SDKBOX Info Failed SyntaxError: Unexpected end of JSON input" I dropped it again. My last choice is command and it worked. But now it only work with command line.

Please let me know if something wrong?



please try again


Now everything fine. and anyway
can you give some detail what is the problem? I mean it can easy for another come to see this content for the same problem. if this content is just like this, i’m sure it useless. But thank.


the version check api has been down, now we reopen it.


I want to reply to you both @yinjimmy and @htlxyz. I have the same problem. I Installed CososCreator 1.8.1 -> run-> Developer -> SDKBOX -> Launch -> status code:404 Please tell us at (
So, installed due GUI installer. It is installed. Environment vars are created to .sdkbox. There’s ability to work with sdkbox from cmd. But the problem in Cocos Creator is not resolved.

  1. please use sdkbox creator plugin. Creator Menu -> Extension->SDKBox->Launch.
  2. 404, i tried, but work fine. maybe your network problem. can you try again?


Oh, yeah, I made a mistake in the chain. I mean run CocosCreator->Extension->SDKBox->Launch. I have no problrem with network. Another extensions from Extension Store are visible and I can install them. I tried to remove .CocosCreator with settings. Also I tried to reinstall SDKBox (it is not important though).


Even I tried to install CocosCreator 1.8.1 to another computer then launch SDKBox from Extension menu. Same problem. I don’t understand.


we will look into this issue.


can you try again?


@htlxyz, Yes, it works now! Thank you!!! What happened?


This is our server problem.
I changed the configuration of my environment, so I can reproduce it the second time.