[SDKBOX SAMPLES] Github Repository

[SDKBOX SAMPLES] Github Repository


Here’s our Github repository for SDKBOX samples -

In-App Purchase : https://github.com/sdkbox/sdkbox-sample-iap
Facebook : https://github.com/sdkbox/sdkbox-sample-facebook
Google Analytics : https://github.com/sdkbox/sdkbox-sample-ga
Chartboost : https://github.com/sdkbox/sdkbox-sample-chartboost
Vungle : https://github.com/sdkbox/sdkbox-sample-vungle
AdColony : https://github.com/sdkbox/sdkbox-sample-adcolony
InMobi : https://github.com/sdkbox/sdkbox-sample-inmobi
Appodeal : https://github.com/sdkbox/sdkbox-sample-appodeal
Flurry Analytics : https://github.com/sdkbox/sdkbox-sample-flurry
Fyber : https://github.com/sdkbox/sdkbox-sample-fyber
Review : https://github.com/sdkbox/sdkbox-sample-review
Playphone : https://github.com/sdkbox/sdkbox-sample-playphone
Soomla Grow : https://github.com/sdkbox/sdkbox-sample-soomlagrow
Valuepotion : https://github.com/sdkbox/sdkbox-sample-valuepotion
Bee7 : https://github.com/sdkbox/sdkbox-sample-bee7
YouTube : https://github.com/sdkbox/sdkbox-sample-youtube
Amazon Store : https://github.com/sdkbox/sdkbox-sample-amazon
Leadbolt : https://github.com/sdkbox/sdkbox-sample-leadbolt
Social Sharing : https://github.com/sdkbox/sdkbox-sample-share
SDKBOX Ads : https://github.com/sdkbox/sdkbox-ads-sample

Please try out our sample in case you face any issues.
Also feel free to ask us about any issues with face with SDKBOX.

SDKBOX js listener auto release when run heavy scene


The link to chartboost sample has chenged.
Apparently the new link is https://github.com/sdkbox/sdkbox-sample-chartboost


Thanks for report this, @pabitra will be updating them.


Thank you for your response. I also found the same incorrect link on this page.


Can i use them with Cocos Creator ?


I think so, if you can get your Cocos Creator project running on cocos2d-js it will work with SDKBOX


Is there any sample for pluginsdkboxplay leaderboard??



It’s 404…
Any new updated link for sample sdkbox ads?



hello @pabitrapadhy,
May i know is there any updated link for sample google play services?
i currently using Cocos v1.9.1, but it cannot find gpg.GameServices.Builder .
i able to use this -> _gpg.GPGWrapper.IsAuthorized();
please help :sob: