Sdkbox Review & Ratings Android callbacks


I have successfully integrated sdkbox reviews plugin on my game but now I have a problem with some functionality.

sdkbox offers 4 callback methods ‘onDisplayAlert’, ‘onDeclineRate’, ‘onRate’ and ‘onRemindLater’ that works OK but if users tap outside the rate window or if they tap Android Back Button, the window is dismissed with no callback. As I am pausing Director when window prompts, my game just freezes forever because I don’t get any callback if my users behave that way. Am I missing something?

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:


We’ll test it and get a solution.

Any news about this? I’m sorry, I don’t want to set you in a hurry, but I’m getting bad reviews because of the review system, which is kinda comical paradox xDD



sorry for late. (16.0 KB)

plz use this jar, it will trigger onRemindLater .

Thanks! Now it works like a charm :slight_smile:

To be sure, this manual change implies I cannot update sdkbox anymore? (at least until you officially update the plugin).

Keep up the good work!!

yes, you are right. will release tomorrow.

UP: review has been released:

sdkbox update -s main to take.

Hi there!
Sorry to revive this thread. Recently due to some issues with sdkboxplay I had to update to the staging branch using this command:
sdkbox update --staging (see the thread loadAllGameData callback)

Now the game is in QA and they report me the same issue described in this thread, the callbacks when tapping outside the rating window or Android Back Button are not called anymore.

How can I get my sdkbox installation clean? Do I need to update everything to
main branch (I don’t know if the sdkboxplay issue is solved in main branch)? Or maybe I can update every plugin on different branches (which I don’t think is very nice)?

Thanks in advance!

sdkbox command does not support update one plugin currently, so you can try

sdkbox update --forcedownload --forcecopy --staging


manually download the plugin from staging server and put it into your project folder, how to get download link:

sdkbox list --json --staging

Sorry for the inconvenience.

OK, I managed to get all the plugins to work by manually install the review and ratings you posted here on december :slight_smile:

Anyway, I don’t understand one thing. If the bug with review and ratings was solved and released on the main branch, how is the plugin broken on staging server? I thought that staging branch was always more updated that main.

Thanks again and keep up the good work!! :slight_smile: