sdkbox::PluginReview::show(false) does not show review prompt

sdkbox::PluginReview::show(false) does not show review prompt
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I installed PluginReview v2.3.17
and setted up my sdkbox_config.json to

“Review”: {
“LaunchLimit”: 0,
“DayForReminding”: 0,
“tryPromptWhenInit”: false,
“AppID”: “my app id”,
“DayLimit”: 0,
“LaunchForReminding”: 0,
“UserEventLimit”: 0
I changed version of my App.
I deleted App from my device.
And than I call

but review prompt is not shown.
At the first glance all conditions are completed. Is there any log info where I can look at to know which conditions are not completed?

When I call sdkbox::PluginReview::show(true); review prompt is shown correctly.

I’ll be pleased for any help.



can you try with sdkbox-sample-reivew cpp project.

i tried, but can’t reproduce. steps:

  1. git clone sdkbox-sample-review
  2. modify cpp/Resources/sdkbox_config.json
  3. modify function onShowReview in cpp/Classes/HelloWorldScene.cpp
void HelloWorld::onShowReview(cocos2d::Ref* sender)
  1. open cpp/proj.ios_mac/review_cpp.xcodeproj and compile
  2. run
  3. tap show review, prompt show.


Yes, It works. I found out what the reason was. I changed json settings
“Review”: for a different platform.
My fault.
But if there was any logs it helped a lot.