SDKBOX PluginReview Crash on Android [Android Studio]

SDKBOX PluginReview Crash on Android [Android Studio]

I’ve seemingly successfully configured PluginReview for Android (everything compiles in Android Studio and sdkbox::PluginReview::init() calls successfully in AppDelegate.cpp), but upon calling show() I get a SIGSEGV invalid address 0x4 crash, which I have managed to catch in the debugger:-

The SIGSEGV appears to occur in sdkbox::ReviewProxy::forceShowDialog(bool).

@yinjimmy any ideas? Have I forgot to configure something, call some method?

maybe miss i’ll try android studio later .

An empty 3.17.1 with review works with code sdkbox::PluginReview::show(true); .

cocos run -p android

to test.

It seems I had to call the deprecated methods to set the strings. I had to make sure all were set to avoid the crash:-


for some reason setting them in the JSON file, they didn’t seem to get picked up. Maybe my JSON was invalid in some way, but I couldn’t see it.

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