SDKBOX plugin for Admod 20.1.0

Hello @slackmoehrle !

Do you have an idea when the sdkbox plugin for cocos2dx c++ will be updated to support Android Admob plugin 20.1.0 (The 20.x is a major release with new API calls etc so it is not compatible with the current sdkbox plugin).



I don’t know. We can ask @htlxyz.

now sdkbox use admob sdk 19.8.0, we will upgrade admob ASAP.

now, you can try update admob by change gradle dependency version number.

Hello @htlxyz . Sorry for responding so late. Admob plugin v 20.x has many breaking changes including renaming of the core admob API. So you cannot simply upgrade the plugin via gradle - sdkbox code will simply not work with the new admob sdk. Pls. see details of the breaking change below:

  • Breaking changes:
    • Removed legacy Interstitial API.
    • Removed legacy RewardedVideoAd API.
    • Removed classes prefixed with Publisher (e.g.: PublisherAdView).
    • Removed CustomRenderedAd.
    • Removed InstreamAd.
    • Removed SearchAdRequest.
    • Removed AdListener.onAdLeftApplication().
    • Removed NativeAppInstallAd, NativeContentAd, and UnifiedNativeAd. There is now one native ad format named NativeAd.
    • RewardedAd is now an abstract class. Use the RewardedAd.load() static method to load a rewarded ad.
  • Added ad inspector (Beta).
  • Deprecated AdSize.SMART_BANNER in favor of adaptive banner ads.
  • Added explicit nullability annotations on all public APIs.



yes, admob have a great breaking changes, we will upgrade to 20.1.0 ASAP.

hello @htlxyz. Do you have any update? We have also found out that the other mediation networks require the latest admob sdk to work properly for open bidding.


@htlxyz any thoughts?

The latest version has already integrated AdMob 20.1.0. have a try.

sdkbox update or sdkbox import admob

Thanks. I attempted to update admob, but it was not pulling in anything new from the repo. Are you sure it is publicly available?

yes, it’s publicly.

the lastest version is

and i upgrade sdkbox-sample-cpp317/tree/admob, you can check.