[SDKBOX Play][iOS] Attempt to signin after cancel doesn't do anything

[SDKBOX Play][iOS] Attempt to signin after cancel doesn't do anything
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I have implemented SDKBOX Play version 2.2.4 into our iOS game and am having some problems when the player cancels the initial Game Center sign in dialog and then later I try to invoke sdkbox::PluginSdkboxPlay::signin() at a later time to allow the player to signin to Game Center.

  1. Upon cancel, I get a listener event onConnectionStatusChanged(GPS_CONNECTION_ERROR)
  2. At a future time, the player presses a button to login and I call sdkbox::PluginSdkboxPlay::signin(), but nothing happens and I don’t get any onConnectionStatusChanged events. I would expect that the native Game Center sign in dialog would appear to allow the player to sign in.

I have tried many variations of using the API calls:

  1. Calling sdkbox::PluginSdkboxPlay::signout() when I get GPS_CONNECTION_ERROR)
  2. Calling sdkbox::PluginSdkboxPlay::init() again when the player tries to sign in again at a future time (followed by signin() of course)
  3. Removing the old listener and recreating

Is there any way to allow the player to cancel the initial Game Center sign in dialog at the beginning of the game and then opting to sign in again at a later time?


Same here, i experience the exactly same issue on iOS!
Maybe a sdkbox issue, @nite could you test it please?


Dear User,
We have reproduced the issue, we will be working on fix and update you once it is ready.
Thanks, Ryan



Any news about this issue? it remains in sdkbox 2.2.5.


As i remember it’s default iOS behaviour. You can’t directly ask system to show login view, but you can only set handler, that will be called once user authenticated. Login view is shown automatically once that handler is setup, but it shown by system only 3 times (across all games). So the only workaround is to show custom dialog for user to go to settings and to login into GameCenter.

I haven’t worked with GameCenter for a long time, so may be i somewhere wrong, or situation already have changed.


Yes but even if i explicitly log in gamecenter outside my game sdkbox does not see as i’m connected.
It proposes to connect to itunes store (i’m trying to test my inapps) but it fails without reason…


Has there been any progress on this issue? Any eta on when a fix may be available?


How itunes store and in-apps are related to gamecenter?


it’s not the same login for inapps and gamecenter as it is in googleplay?


Yea, login to gamecenter is separate from iTunes.


If you want to test in-apps you should:

  • create test account on itunesconnect;
  • logout on your phone in settings from itunes/appstore;
  • launch app and initiate purchase flow;
  • login with test account;


ios didn’t provide a direct api to show signin dialog

you can post UIApplicationWillEnterForegroundNotification event to show signin dialog, but your game must take case the event


Issue still exists. Even if it’s not possible to sign in to Game Center, then Sdkbox should still call the listener’s onConnectionStatusChanged() with a timeout error. It’s unacceptable to leave the app hanging forever with no callback executed.


I think so as well, but without the callback from GameCenter it is really hard for SDKBOX to know what’s the correct status.