SDKBOX Play breaks the package name!

SDKBOX Play breaks the package name!
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I use the Cocos Creator. When I import the SDKBOX Play into my project, after compiling the package name is org.cocos2d.helloworld instead of my. Without the SDKBOX Play is right.
Thus an app does not connect to Google Play and I can not upload a game.
It looks like a bug.


Thanks for your report.
We’ll check it ASAP.


which Creator you use and what’s your steps?

testing with creator 1.5.1

  1. create project with helloworld template
  2. build android platform with pakage name org.cocos2d.sdkboxplay.test
  3. using sdkbox-gui import sdkboxplay
  4. check package in AndroidManifest.xml , still org.cocos2d.sdkboxplay.test


Creator 1.5.1.

  1. creatre empty project. Create a scene and save.
  2. build android platform with package name com.sdkboxplay.gpt. Android studio is selected. Otherwise a compilation error.
  3. using sdkbox-gui import sdkboxplay. Compile project.

a. I am trying upload to Google Play and get Upload failed - You need to use a different package name because “org.cocos2d.helloworld” already exists in Google Play.
b. I install manually on android platform and see package name is org.cocos2d.helloworld.
c. AndroidManifest.
Path \gpt\build\jsb-default\frameworks\runtime-src\ package name is right.
Path \gpt\build\jsb-default\frameworks\runtime-src\\app\build\intermediates\manifests\full\release package name is org.cocos2d.helloword


I got you, you need to set applicationId in build/jsb-default/frameworks/runtime-src/

It always applicationId "org.cocos2d.helloworld".


Everything works now!