SDKBOX Login Error

I am now encountering the following error when logging into GPG with SDKBOXPlay.

at (Unknown Source: 60)
at (Unknown Source: 51)
at (Unknown Source: 270)
at android.os.Handler.dispatchMessage (

When you log in to GPG in an app, the above logs are left and the app crashes.

APP ID entered normally.
It works fine, but it happens suddenly on some devices.
And, once it occurs, it continues to occur. (crash)

When tested with the GPG sample code provided by Google,
On the device where the problem occurred, a crash occurs only when I connect my APPID
(There is no problem with other devices.)
However, in the Google sample, the message “Exception 4” is printed immediately before the crash.

Could you add exception handling or error handling for this?

I need help.

@yinjimmy can help

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OK, got you.

could you plz past full logcat?

I have do some fix with v2.4.0.3 with staging server.
you can try

sdkbox update --staging


There is no Logcat record at the time.
(Now I can not reproduce the crash on my device, just Android Vital has recorded the user’s device crashes and is still being recorded.)

Full Crash Log left in Android Vital is as follows.

at (Unknown Source:60)
at (Unknown Source:51)
at (Unknown Source:270)
at android.os.Handler.dispatchMessage (
at android.os.Looper.loop (
at (
at java.lang.reflect.Method.invoke (Native Method)
at$ (
at (

sdkbox :: PluginSdkboxPlay :: signin ()

When this function is called, the app crashes.
When I checked the Data folder with Android Studio,
The Login value was stored as true.
And then it crashes.

I remembered it wrong.
The exception number was ‘8’.

public static final int INTERNAL_ERROR
An internal error occurred. Retrying should resolve the problem.

Constant Value: 8

Is error handling possible for exception ‘8’?

I would like to know which sample you use, a link, plz.

It’s a GooglePlayGameService Sample.

There is nothing wrong with running this sample.


  1. I built the APPID and PackageID of the sample by replacing the errored APPID and PackageID.
  2. I overwrote the modified sample on the device where the error log occurred.
  3. This sample was either crashed or output exception 8.
  4. When I put this sample on the device where the error did not occur, it worked.
  5. When I changed the APPID and PackageID to another app, there was no error.

This error did not occur when you deleted the app from your device.
Now I can not reproduce this error.
(When an error occurred, I accidentally deleted the app.)
However, Android Vital has logged users.
Also, an error does not occur to all users. (About 5 ~ 10%)

We have seen Exception (8) occur, but it happens after calling sdkboxplay’s signin function. I cannot handle that exception in my code.

+) It only occurs on Android OS 6.0 or later.

please try sdkbox update --staging or sdkbox import sdkboxplay --staging