Sdkbox latest version ( issue with pre-launch report

I recently updated with the latest version of sdkbox to update admob specifically to remove uiWebview. On IOS, all is fine. However, I have a problem with Android. The pre-launch report reports a bug with one specific device (Pixel on Android 7.1). The app does not crash, it just do not launch. It tries to launch for a while, then the pre-launch robot stops and shut down the app. I tried different combination:

PROP_BUILD_TOOLS_VERSION 29.0.3, 27.0.3, 18.3.0, 19.3.0 or just no service-base at all

And they all end up with the same result. All devices pass except Pixel on 7.1.(I have no problem on my test devices however I do not have a 7.1 to try with). I contacted Google and they said there are no known issue with this device.

The only way I was able to make it work is by replacing the PluginAdMob.jar by the previous one and it works. Well kinda. It seems to work, I published the app, but some Huawei devices gets a crash

: #00 pc 000000000006bd00 /system/lib64/ (tgkill+8)
#01 pc 000000000006919c /system/lib64/ (pthread_kill+64)
#02 pc 0000000000023e68 /system/lib64/ (raise+24)
#03 pc 000000000001c8ec /system/lib64/ (abort+52)
#04 pc 000000000042e5f8 /system/lib64/ (art::Runtime::Abort()+352)
#05 pc 00000000000e5424 /system/lib64/ (art::LogMessage::~LogMessage()+1204)
#06 pc 0000000000451124 /system/lib64/ (art::thread::AssertNoPendingException() const+836)
#07 pc 00000000001247d8 /system/lib64/ (art::ClassLinker::FindClass(art::Thread*, char const*, art::Handleart::mirror::ClassLoader)+68)
#08 pc 0000000000324e50 /system/lib64/ (art::JNI::FindClass(_JNIEnv*, char const*)+2780)
#09 pc 0000000000379160 /data/app/com.bewgames.templeruins-1/lib/arm64/ (sdkbox::JNIUtils::GetClassObjectFromName(char const*, _JNIEnv*)+48)
#10 pc 00000000003796c8 /data/app/com.bewgames.templeruins-1/lib/arm64/ (sdkbox::JNIUtils::GetJNIStaticMethodInfo(char const*, char const*, char const*, _JNIEnv*)+56)
#11 pc 00000000003759c4 /data/app/com.bewgames.templeruins-1/lib/arm64/ (sdkbox::SdkboxCore::isGooglePlayServicesAvailable()+136)
#12 pc 0000000000362570 /data/app/com.bewgames.templeruins-1/lib/arm64/
#13 pc 000000000035fd90 /data/app/com.bewgames.templeruins-1/lib/arm64/ (sdkbox::SdkboxCore::sessionStart()+280)
#14 pc 000000000035fe44 /data/app/com.bewgames.templeruins-1/lib/arm64/ (sdkbox::SdkboxCore::onStart()+36)
#15 pc 00000000007f6d3c /data/app/com.bewgames.templeruins-1/oat/arm64/base.odex (offset 0x7b5000)

So I assume the old jar file is missing a class or something. But why only 2-3 specific huawei device? This is unknown. Anyway, this is kind of a patch that I should not have to do.

I also tried to download the sdkbox files manually, and import them manually. Same result.

Anyone else had the same issue? Any idea what could be happening?

@yinjimmy can help us.

so, you use SDKBox AdMob, but replace PluginAdmob.jar with old verison, which version?

An old version, I also have a I could try

I confirm the jar pass the pre-launch test for the pixel 7.1 device. I will submit this build and see if I still have the issue with the huawei devices.

Using the lib is worst. Still have huawei issue plus there are now a bunch of crashes on android 4.4. I guess replacing the lib is not really a good idea. So I will have no other choice than reverting to altogether until the is fixed on android 7.1

do you have the logcat on Pixel on Android 7.1.

Can this prelaunch issue can be reproduced 100% on Pixel with Android 7.1.

I personally do not have this device/version but on the pre-launch it is 100%. I could not reproduce on the emulator But the pre-launch always had the issue on the 8-9 different tests I did on 2 different games.