SDKBOX IAP signature?

SDKBOX IAP signature?
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Can anyone tell me how can i get signature(google play),when i use SDKBOX IAP for our owen Verification.


What do you mean by signature? do you mean the receipt for the purchase?

public void onActivityResult(int requestCode, int resultCode, Intent data) {
		Log.d(TAG, "onActivityResult(" + requestCode + "," + resultCode + ","
				+ data);
		if (mHelper == null)

		 purchaseData = data.getStringExtra(IabHelper.RESPONSE_INAPP_PURCHASE_DATA);  
	     dataSignature = data.getStringExtra(IabHelper.RESPONSE_INAPP_SIGNATURE); 

like this code in my native googleplay sdk,i can get RESPONSE_INAPP_SIGNATURE,where is RESPONSE_INAPP_SIGNATURE in SDK IAP


This is actually a bother to not have available.

As per google documentation: , together with the response code and data (this is provided by SDKBOX), a signature is also sent in onActivityResult.

A number of libraries used for verifying purchases server-side (such as also require the signature from the purchase. It is possible to avoid this by manually using Google’s product api ( which does not require the signature but this is extra development effort for some.

I worked around the issue by using the Product API but I think it’d be very useful to reconsider exposing the signature through SDKBOX’s apis to help others too