Sdkbox iap price issue

I have an issue with sdkbox price. My IAP item prices are (IDR / Indonesia Rupiah):
IDR 299,000.00
IDR 739,000.00
IDR 15,000.00
IDR 75,000.00
IDR 149,000.00
All works perfectly in iOS, but in Android the highest one, the price is not correct. This is link to the image

I already find in this forum discussion Android SDKBOX::IAP wrong Product::priceValue but I am not sure is this case is similar with mine. sdkbox version


iOS I can easily change the price throw appstoreconnect, the price will be changed within an hour, Android tried already, but seems like not changed. Is there any procedure need to be done in google in app product or any bug in this?

Thank you.

price is get from SkuDetails.getPrice, we willn’t change it.

Is there any trigger or something need to be done, such as overwrite the price in google in app product page or what? I refer to this but cannot find and since sdkbox may be familiar with this google iap price or etc?