SDKBOX IAP paymentQueue support

SDKBOX IAP paymentQueue support
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App Store for IOS 11 have new functionality to promote IAP’s in store:

App Store Promotion (Optional)
To make this in-app purchase available to promote on the App Store, add a 1024x1024 pixel promotional image below. You can promote up to 20 in-app purchases, and they’ll appear on your app’s product page. They may also be shown in search results or be featured by our editorial team. Users can tap an in-app purchase to open your app, where they can buy it. Make sure your app supports the SKPaymentTransactionObserver method to process this transaction. Learn More

Wanted to double check it SKPaymentTransactionObserver is supported by default in SDKBOX or something special should be added?

it seems it was added, but how to make sure that it is enabled is there any more information about this?


we have promotion iap doc.