SDKbox IAP payment verification

SDKbox IAP payment verification
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Please, how can I verify if a user has not returned a non-consumable in-app purchase? What is the proper way to do it?

When I try to refresh product data by sdkbox.IAP.refresh(); resulting json does not contain receipt information although the purchase has been done. The only way which is working for me so far is to call sdkbox.IAP.restore() which returns data about performed purchases correctly. But this works well only on Android because when doing “restore” on iOS system asks (sometime) a user for appleId password. And that’s not the way I want the application to work. I need a way which does not require user interaction in order to do the verification on the background during app launch.

Thank you very much for replying


I suggest the following

  1. New User: Store user’s purchase to a sqlite database after they purchase the item.
  2. Reinstall User: provide a restore purchase button in your game, for players that reinstall your game.