Sdkbox iap jni error

Sdkbox iap jni error
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I’m integrating SDKBOX IAP into a cocos 3.14 project. iOS works just fine, Android compiles and runs, but I get a crash when I try to purchase the item with this error message:

JNI DETECTED ERROR IN APPLICATION: jstring is an invalid local reference: 0x1 (0xdead4321)
in call to GetStringUTFChars
from void com.sdkbox.plugin.IAPWrapper.nativeOnPayResult(java.lang.String, int, java.lang.String)

Please advice!!




Can you let us know which version of SDKBOX IAP are you using?



Can IAP work now ?
We also provide [cpp, Lua, JS sample] (


Hello guys!
I was able to fix it downloading the cpp sample and importing the .jars from there! Thanks!!