SDKBox IAP, Facebook v2.4.1.1 Manually Integration Questions

SDKBox IAP, Facebook v2.4.1.1 Manually Integration Questions



I’m upgrading sdkbox sdk from v. to v2.4.1.1 manually for Android studio project.
I found there are so many things changed and not documented.

  1. facebook_lib
  • v. only one facebook_lib folder with build.gradle file inside.
  • v2.4.1.1: 5 facebook_* folders without build.gradle files inside, so I can’t integrate it with Android Studio.
  • What I did : use gradle compile.
    compile '[4,5)'
  1. Android IAB
  • v. : PluginGooglePlay.jar , gps folder
  • v2.4.1.1: billing-1.0.jar (gps included?)
  • What I did : Delete PluginGooglePlay.jar , gps folder, and add billing-1.0.jar

I would like to confirm if this is the right way to integrate SDKBox lib?

So far I can compile but not yet fully tested.
And I think it’s better to document them to make developers feel more confident with you.

I also recommend that to use gradle package dependency to manage libs in android studio env. for easy tracking every lib’s version. It’s really confusing developers by adding *.jar and sometimes we have to solve duplicated lib by deleting jar you provided (like android-support things).




SDKBox want to remove eclipse support.