Sdkbox google play games not compiling

Sdkbox google play games not compiling


When i try to compile the google play game service sdkbox sample, i get the error “gpg/achievement.h” not found.
Please help.


@yinjimmy can help with this.


I think you compiled the sample with Xcode.

The size of gpg lib > 100M, can not upload to GitHub, plz run update before compile.

sdkbox update



I ran this command in the folder where gpg-sample was cloned.
Sdkbox is now updated from to
Now after updating i try to run the sample and still the same issue occurs.
Sorry. Please advise.


After doing sdkbox update, i ran sdkbox import gpg into the sample ,
Now i get a linker error saying “missing required architecture x86_64 in file prebuilt/ios/libcocos2d iOS.a”


Here is a screenshot of the error that might help you.


whats your Xcode version?


Version 10.1 (10B61)