SDKBOX Facebook. SIGABRT after logPurchase on Android

When i’m trying to send logEvent right after logPurchase i got SIGABRT on Android (Google Pixel XL, Android 9)
I’ve got this error with SDKBOX and

Android Studio Screenshot

thanks to crashlytics, i’ve found a problem =)

but, SIGABRT is happen on logEvent, definitely there is something wrong inside SDKBOX also.

PluginFacebook::logPurchase(3, "USD");

need “3-letter” alphabetic code.


and fatal crash when you send wrong currency code on next logEvent is ok?
very “nice” implementation =(

it’s not a nice implementation. SDKBox should handle the exception. (29.2 KB)

do you have any other log with SDKBox plugin?

no, but we use other SDK for logging (firebase, appmetrica etc)

I have no fatal crash with new PluginFacebook.jar, thanks!

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I mean do you have any other crash log with SDKBox plugins?

yes, this bug is discussed here UnsatisfiedLinkError on Released Game

and few minutes ago i’ve received this one. This is only one right now and i don’t know how to reproduce this.

Thanks for the crash log. We’ll fix it ASAP.