SDKBOX Facebook call login automatically

SDKBOX Facebook call login automatically

Hi everyone,
I worked with sdkbox for a while ( iap, google analytics, vv ), today i took time to intergrate Facebook. that’s not really difficult( good job guys ). it works fine for the fist time login. but when i start the game again, it call login automatically so it show the confirm dialog everytime i start the game. Did i do wrong in some steps?
Any help would be appriciated,
thanks in advance

on which platform does this happen?

on android platform. Beside, one more small issue, i found sdkbox using facebook sdk 2.4. so we can not use some graph func ( friendlist, vvv ).

hi @Nite,
the problem has gone, even i dont change the code, i have just change the facebook func for testing ( share, invite friend ,vvv ), I dont know how to reproduce this bug. But after i uninstall and then reinstall, this bug happen again

Good to know :smile:
Let me know when it happens again, if you can also provide some screenshot can crash log that would be great.

We have the same problem too.

Cocos2djs 3.6.1 + SDKBox 1.4 + Android.

I really appreciate any help you can provide.

Hmm, I’ll look into it.

actually, 4.6.0 FB sdk

Would you please show your snippet code?

Also have this issue - Facebook login is called on plugin initialization

  1. Is there Facebook native app on your android phone ?
  2. Only one code line ?

last time i checked 1 months ago, just only sdkbox::PluginFacebook::init();. no Facebook native app.

ok, confirm.


  1. No facebook native app on android device.
  2. sdkbox::PluginFacebook::init();


  1. login success
  2. close app
  3. open app

show “Authorization page” web dialog

about the facebook api, 2.4 i mean the graph api version not fb api version :slight_smile:

Is there anything new on this issue?

this issue has been fixed since 1.5 + I think.

i am having same issue on IOS with no native app and latest versions. Any comments?

Hey @dijitalcivciv

with no native app,
after destroying your app activity in iOS.
does it now ask you for login again through web interface… !!

Could you tell me the reproducing steps.
I will look into it.


We are using Facebook version and the issue persists on iOS.

  1. After you connect for the first time, every time you open the game, the facebook authorization screen pops up.
  2. If you click ok, it will popup again the next time.
  3. If you click cancel, it will stop appearing.

Please fix asap :slight_smile:

did you call login somewhere in your code?

Here is a sample we created for facebook which has persisted facebook login, we can’t get it to reproduce there.

Note that SDKBOX will automatically login to facebook if user logged in previously.