Sdkbox facebook browser login successed, but browser didn't close

Hi, guys.
I meet a problem with sdkbox facebook login.
It works ok with facebook app, but when i use browser to login, somethings go wrong.
The browser can be opened and can login successed, but after it go back to my app (the switch animation?), the browser wasn’t closed and the button are disable.
Did anyone meet this problem before or can give me some advices?

Before this problem, i got another one which is after login successed by browser it show two apps, like this:

so i add android:noHistory=“true” in android:name=“com.facebook.CustomTabActivity” to solved the problem, not sure if there is any effect on this problem.

did you got any error in logcat when go back to your app.

and you can try on this repo: GitHub - sdkbox/sdkbox-sample-cpp317 at facebook, if can reproduce this issue.