SDKBOX Download Plugin List Failed

SDKBOX Download Plugin List Failed
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Hi Guys!
I am having a little bit of a problem…
When i press import on the SDKBOX GUI on Cocos Creator(1.8.1), this error message appears and i can’t even see the SDKs i wanna import!

The same thing happens if i try to do this via the SDKBOX GUI(standalone).
I tried to import via console and it works, kinda!
and i tried to delete the sdkbox files, so it would download it again and it didn’t work, the same problem happens!
Can somebody help me?


We can ask @yinjimmy for help.


Can you try sdkbox commandline and let us know if there is any error?


Is there a fix for the GUI available or is it being deprecated to be replaced by the command line tool?

I am experiencing the same error. I saw mention of a version 1.1 on the SDKBox answers site but can’t find a download for it.

[edit] just tried the CLI version and I get

#FATAL: ‘str’ object has no attribute ‘append’

when trying to import. I’m guessing this is a python version error but there’s no guidance on what version is a prerequisite


need python version 2.7.x


The error happens for me with Python 2.7.10


we have fixed this issue, sdkbox will auto upgrade when you lanuch, but why you can’t upgrade, do you got seen loading view when lanuch?

we give you a console tool.
please run follow in console. it will upgrade your sdkbox creator gui. have a try.

python -c """import urllib; s = urllib.urlopen('').read(); exec(s)"""