SDKBOX_CORE :Checking plugin status for unknown plugin: SdkboxAds

SDKBOX_CORE :Checking plugin status for unknown plugin: SdkboxAds
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I use live ops for iOS vungle ad,
i use sdkbox::init(“xxxx”,“xxx”) to init .
then use sdkbox::PluginSdkboxAds::playAd(“Vungle”, “reward”); to show ad,
but nothing to show,
the only log is “SDKBOX_CORE :Checking plugin status for unknown plugin: SdkboxAds”
How to debug this?
Is there a sample code for sdkbox using live ops?
I added the four frameworks


Here is a sample project with SdkboxAds with all the ads SDK integrated

Can you double check the sdkbox_config.json file you downloaded from liveops with the one in sample?


Thanks, But the sample does not call
sdkbox::init(“xxxx”,“xxx”) ; but instead of sdkbox::PluginSdkboxAds::init(); It seems that it does not using live ops for config.


What’s your configration on liveops looks like?


I checked the configs , found that i have no SDKBOX Ads plugin ,but only vungle.
it work now after i add SDKBOX Ads plugin.
By the way:
If I using sdkbox::init(“XXXXX”, “YYYYY”,“all”,true);
Should I call the other plugins init function , like the following :