SDKBOX causes Multiple Rejections from Apple team due to IDFA?

If your app needs to comply with GDPR, you should call setGDPR’.

you can use setGDPR for Android.

Hi @akhilmohan

Have you submitted it successfully on Apple Store ?

Currently , I’m facing the same problem as above.

Guideline 1.3 - Safety - Kids Category

Is the sent by @htlxyz working well ?

Hi @dragon0962

We have currently submitted the app for review. I will update this thread asap when I receive any word from apple.

Don’t know why they are taking this much time for the review


Hi !

My app was approved by apple. Thanks for your help !

Thanks for feedback.

hi @htlxyz, @yinjimmy, @slackmoehrle

we have got our app verified from the apple team this weekend with the new SDKBOX given above.

Thanks for all of the help @htlxyz, @yinjimmy, @slackmoehrle


Hi all there. After SDKBOX change I got rejection by review team again. Please tell me if you had to appeal? Did you give any explanation of changes to the reviewer?
I will appreciate for help.

what’s the rejection reason? IDFA?

you can use the library i uploaded in this thread or use staging version.

and will release in next version.

" Your app includes (…) Third-party analytics or third-party advertising with the ability to collect, transmit or share identifiable information, including, for example, IDFA.
Next Steps
To resolve this issue, please remove this functionality or revise your app so that no personally identifiable information or device information is sent to third parties."

When I submitted last version it was with SDKBOX version uploaded in this thread… So IDFA should not be the case. Thats why I was asking - did you write any additional explanation to reviewer. …

Thank you in advance for help.

you can check this:

  • set GDPR by call sdkbox::IAP::setGDPR( true )
  • remove AdSupport.framework if you have add this framework
  • if other library use IDFA