SDKBOX automator installation script Or integrated in Cocos2d-x Template

SDKBOX automator installation script Or integrated in Cocos2d-x Template
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is there any kind of script i can write on mac (using automator or something else). So that the steps i follow for all my project can be done in just one script or command.
I normally add following plugins. is there any way that i can do it quicker. Or change the cocos2d-x template so that everytime i create projects they are pre-integrated.
If someone comes up with a solutions that would be great for whole community i suppose.

Plugins i use via SDKBOX

  1. In-app purchase
  2. Google Play services
  3. SDKBOX ads
  4. SDKBOX play
  5. Rating & Reviews
  6. Social Sharing
  7. Google Analytics

i am using Cocos2d-x 3.14 C++ on Mac for both Xcode and Android Studio


Make your own tempalate or use SDKBOX GUI tool


Thanks for your reply
SDKBOX GUI is in Beta and i have encountered errors using that. And i am a beginner to make my own template :frowning:


What kind of issue did you encounter with SDKBOX GUI? Please let us know, we’ll fix them ASAP.

You’re trying to create a template project with all the plugin integrated?


As soon as i add new project ot SDKBOX-GUI it shows an error popup saying “Unexpected end of JSON input”

Yes i want to create a template project with all (desired) plugin integrated. but i am not expert in that so i need help.


@nite Any help here?


same here… any infos?


same here, any info for this problem ?


Does nobody has an idea???

"ios" : {
    "Facebook" : {
        "enabled" : true,
        "debug" : true,
        "url_scheme" : "fbxxx",
        "facebook_id" : "xxx"
    "sdkboxplay" : {
        "enabled" : true,
        "debug" : true,
        "connect_on_start" : false,
        "show_achievement_notification" : true,
        "leaderboards" : [
                "id" : "myID",
                "name" : "my_leaderbord"
        "achievements" : [
                "id" : "myID_Titel-Name01",
                "name" : "Titel-Name",
                "incremental" : false
"android" : {
"playphone" : {



Do you can help here? @nite


What problem exactly you are facing?


same error like you ;-)…


@nite Any word here ?


Can you run sdkbox installer from command line?

python -c "import urllib; s = urllib.urlopen('').read(); exec s"


can you check if there is a file named .sdkbox_packages.json under your project?

if no exist, create .sdkbox_packages.json with content



good morning @all

So I ran several Plugins like AdMod etc… I installed them manually, because of this error…
.sdkbox_packages.json ist full of infos and runs


so, add file .sdkbox_packages.json with to your project root path is useless?

.sdkbox_package.json content:



yeah, same error