SDKBox announced Tapcore integration!

SDKBox announced Tapcore integration!
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SDKBox has partnered with Tapcore!

Tapcore allows you to detect and analyze all pirated installs of your apps, and most importantly, generate revenue from them. When your app is pirated, the Tapcore SDK activates and begins displaying ads to the pirated user. It also provides you with critical analytics on all pirated/illegal installations of your apps worldwide.

The Tapcore SDK has zero impact on legitimate installs, and will only display ads to pirated users – meaning there’s no impact to your existing monetization strategy. The goal of Tapcore is to help you regain your lost revenue due to the piracy of your apps.

Tapcore’s unique obfuscation mechanism is so advanced that it is almost impossible to remove. There’s a 98% probability rate that the Tapcore code will remain intact when your app is pirated.

Piracy is a problem that affects both Free and Premium apps across all categories, if you ever found cracked versions of your game or it being re-distributed on alternative app stores without your knowledge, piracy is most likely the reason why. Why fight the piracy, when you can earn from it.

Tapcore video

SDKBox Documentation

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May i know what is the definition of pirated installs?

  1. same game with different package name?
  2. same package name but altered for GOD-mode or Ads removed?
  3. Both above
  4. Anything else?


@smitpatel88 great question. Let me ask the Tapcore folks to jump in.


Hey there! Great question!!

Our definition of piracy is the installation of your applications from locations and sources you have not distributed to yourself.

In other words: If your app had Ads removed, was hacked with cheats, being given away for free (if it’s a premium app), injected with malware, or being re-distributed on alternative app stores and direct to APK download sites (without your permission), we will detect all of this as piracy.

Once we detect this, your pirated users (your users who download the apps from these illegitimate sources) will be served additional ads. Finally allowing app developers like you to completely monetize your full spectrum of users, both legitmate and pirated and at the same time create a brand new stream of revenues.


Thanks for reply.
I will try once on my next game.


Is it needed for C++ game? And what can be “pirated” for when again using C++?
If develop game with js scripts so it will like require to use it? Because otherwise they can be easily modified?


Language is not the issue. It is illegal installs, etc. @Tapcore_Bill can share more thoughts on this.


Java code for example can be easily decompiled. For android - all games are free. So for me actually it’s whatever illegal install or not, because game will show ads and I will get revenue. BUT, if my game will be decompiled and modified, say changed id’s for ADS vendors, it’s revenue can be moved to another account… and thats bad. So, decompiling, debugging and modifying C++ code (NDK) is much much more harder and so my point\question that if you develop game with say creator and js scripts - it’s can be easily modified?

Also, another question how this tapcore can help for iOS? Nowadays it’s more harder to jailbreak iOS device and so piracy is a very low % of all users. Any comments? Also, question is how hard to patch .ipa and modify something? Then it’s needs to be resigned and installed on jailbreaked devices only?