SDKBOX Ads installation - what is the correct destination folder

SDKBOX Ads installation - what is the correct destination folder

Hey all
I’m having some issues with SDKBOX Ads installation. I hope you guys could answer some questions and clear things up.
Some details… I’m using Windows and cocos2d-x-3.17.2
I’ve followed the instructions/FAQ on how to download and then install a specific plugin.
When installing SDK Ads I got the below output:

$ sdkbox import %SDKBOX_HOME%/plugins/sdkbox-sdkboxads_v2.6.0.1.tar.gz -p c:\Projects\cocosGame

Copyright (c) 2016-2020 SDKBOX Inc. v1.3.1.0
failed to patch file AppDelegate.cpp
Please reference the online documentation to finish the integration:
 >>> WARNING <<<
 Some installation steps failed.
 Please refer to the online documentation, for instructions on how to complete the installation manually.
 Installation completed with errors :|

the FAQ page ( specifies instructions for Windows user but the destination seems incorrect… what is Build\jsb-link. In this case I’ve specified the root project folder but then again, it generated the above output which says something went wrong.

the patch will add code sdkbox::pluginGPG::init();

but the other steps is ok.

the framework has been added to your project.

I did a quick search for “pluginGPG” on my project folder (*.cpp; *.h) and couldn’t find any reference to that :confused:

Any way to validate that?

because it is failed.

you can validate it more easy when using git to manage project.

then I misunderstood you. You’ve mentioned earlier that:

I didn’t realize that the thing that actually failed.

As for git… I do need to look into it. It is definetly on my list.
Thank you for the help!

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