Sdkbox admob rewarded video

Sdkbox admob rewarded video
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admob new addition rewarded video, I do not know how to integrate rewarded video


Hey @fjllengxue

We dont have that support as of now.
we will add them and will notify you.



Thank you very much


hi @pabitrapadhy ,
is this support yet ? i’m looking for the same.


Wondering if SDKBOX gonna support rewarded video or not.


hi @nite , any news on this topic?



Still working on it, the reward video implementation with admob is really strange…


Okay, thanks for this status :slight_smile:


hi @nite :slight_smile: is there any update


now cocos2d-x support Abmob rewarded video or not


Any update on this?


It looks that it is not yet implemented:


Any update on this?