SDKBOX admob Received a notification in AdMob for updates in iOS apps

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It seems that the SDK is not updated on the sdkbox
Is there any plans to do so ?

@htlxyz can help us with this.

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updating my app with ios, now require me to disclose if there is some tracking (by me or 3rd party ).
I’m trying to update my app and I’m getting this error related to the sdk update:
“we noticed that your app uses the AppTrackingTransparency framework, but we haven’t been able to locate the App Tracking Transparency permission request.”
an other issue that I found that fixed by just removing it all in for all is SDKBOX is using an old firebase version:
“Google Analytics for Firebase version (60602000) does not match with Google App Measurement (70800000) version. Please update.”

you need integrate AppTrackingTransparency by youself, admob doesn’t include this.

and our plugin misc include AppTrackingTransparency if you don’t want to integrate by yourself.

sdkbox import misc

Firebase conflicts with the dependencies in admob, so remove the dependencies in admob first.

This would answer my second question, but how about the Admob SDK update ? are you guys/girls planing to do so ?
If not is there a way for me to do it ?
Firebase conflicts with the dependencies in admob, so remove the dependencies in admob first.

how can I remove the dependencies?
Thank you

At present, the admob use admob ios: 8.3.0, admob android: 19.8.0.

If you want to use the latest admob 8.4.0(2021‑04‑19), it should be replaced directly.

And the latest version of android is 20.0.0(2021-04-05), so you can try to change the version number that gradle depends on to upgrade.

firebase’s dependent library (framework) is located in path `proj.ios _ MAC/firebase/firebasefundamentals’.
Admob’s dependent library (framework) is located in path proj.ios_mac’.
Therefore, you can remove the same framework under proj.ios_mac’.

At present, the admob use admob ios: 8.3.0

SDKBOX presently use this version ? which SDKBOX version are we talking about ?

I don’t have /firebasefundamentals, I used “sdkbox import firebase”

  • sdkbox::PluginAdMob::getVersion() can get included admob sdk version.

  • for example:

    1. proj.ios/GoogleAppMeasurement.xcframework (admob’s dependency)
    2. proj.ios/Firebase/FirebaseAnalytics/GoogleAppMeasurement.xcframework (firebase’s dependency)

    you can remove proj.ios/GoogleAppMeasurement.xcframework.

you can remove proj.ios/GoogleAppMeasurement.xcframework.

@htlxyz what you are saying here is opposit to what @yinjimmy explained
Updating Ads & Firebase Analytics plugin causes incompatible version error - #5 by yinjimmy

At present, the admob use admob ios: 8.3.0

Is this the version that SDKBOX is using ? If so how can I update it.

  1. it’s same,

move Firebase/Analytics/***.framework to proj.ios
delete proj.ios/GoogleAppMeasurement.xcframeowrk, keep framework in Firebase/Analytics

  1. download admob and replace admob framework: