SDKBOX ADMob iPhone 11 Pro Max Banners Not loading

SDKBOX ADMob iPhone 11 Pro Max Banners Not loading

Hi, i have a smartbanner ad showing at bottom, it displays correctly on iPhone 7 Plus & ipad, but does not show on iPhone 11 Pro Max.

In the config json, when i set to test = true, I can see the Test ad banner on all devices correctly positioned, so I do not think its a safe area issue.

When I call sdkbox::PluginAdMob::isAvailable(), it will return true on ip7plus, and false on ip11proMax.

Both uses the same adunit. Also no issue loading interstitials for both. Can anyone please advise?

whats the failed msg ?

(sorry for lack of exact message, replying this while i am outside) i implemented the Admob listener it threw the failed to receive ad only for the banner (interstitial and rewarded received successfully)

I went to admob to create a new ad unit for banner ad and used the new ad unit id in the sdkbox_config.json and it works. I determined it could be a admob issue since the same old id would receive smart banner ad correctly on iPad and iphone 7 plus.