SDKBOX AdMob: IOS app freeze with banner notifications

I installed AdMob (only for rewarded video) and all is working, I can receive rewarded video, but if I open my banner notification(top of the screen) my app freeze.

To be sure I removed all the package and all is working.

So I checked and only adding the framework without using admob is enough to have this problem.
Any idea?


I removed admob and added firebase and I have the same problem with firebase.
If I open my notification banner my app freeze.
XPC connection interrupted

Update, firebase freeze my app only if I enter in background mode. So it is not a problem with sdkbox since I adder firebase directly :frowning:
Possible that there are problem between firebase and iOS13?
All is working with android.

I downgraded Firebase to 6,5,0 and it is solved with ios13

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Thanks for your report.