SDKBOX AdColony and Chartboost bugs


When trying to view reward videos for Chartboost, sometimes the pre- and post- video popups show (saying that you will earn a reward if you watch the video), but sometimes they don’t on Android. It seems that the first time the app loads, it doesn’t show the popups, but if you try to watch another rewarded video they start showing. Also the AdColony pre- and post- video popups for rewarded ads never show on Android even though the config file is set to show them both.

When I started making projects with SDKBOX I had version of the plugins and everything worked. Recently I had to start another project and the plugins in it were version and I saw these problems. Today I updated to see if the bugs were fixed in but it seems that they are still present.

Do you know of these bugs and is there an ETA for them, or am I the first one to report them?

Chartboost and Adcolony both had big updates lately and it’s not as stable as their old versions yet. We’ll work with them and make sure the pre and post popups work as expected.

Thank you for the quick reply :slight_smile:

Hopefully these things won’t be a big pain to fix and thanks again for the support for SDKBOX integrations.