SDKBOX - Release with GDPR support

do you mean ?

Correct. One that will also work with iOS.

Will onesignal be updated as well? release on 2018.11.29

The important thing:

1. Misc Plugin

  1. LocalNotify, docs here

2. SDKBox-core wrong arch with android

armeabi in armeabi-v7a
armeabi-v7a in armeabi

More note here.

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however Version: 2.4.1 on

The link has beed updated.

Could we get setGdpr for onesignal? They have the api

OK, let me add the setGDPR api for OneSignal.

I am using Admob sdk. So need some clarification about setGDPR(bool) function.

Question 1 : If I do setGDPR(true), it will stop serving personalized ads right?

Question 2 : I de-compiled the PluginAdMob.jar and found this code:
if (PluginAdMob.this.mGDPR) {
extras.putString(“npa”, “1”);

But mGDPR is a private variable, that means it can’t be set from anywhere. I can’t see sdkbox’s native code so can’t be sure. So my question is, are you sure calling sdkbox::PluginUnityAds::setGDPR(true) will set “npa” to “1”???

Question 3: Is there a way I can verify that Admob is loading non-personalized ads when I do setGDPR(true) ?? Are there any logs from sdkbox or Admob?

And why are the docs not clear? You should clearly mention whether we should set it to true or false for non-personalized ads.

And please add debug logs related to gdpr and non-personalized ads

It seems there is a bug here, GDPR is not active on android.
I’m fixing this issue.

and will add a AdMob ad request debug output: extra=**.

Please update this forum when this is fixed.

I see that there’s a bug that sdkbox::PluginUnityAds::setGDPR(true) won’t be effective.
But parses some json data to mark mGDPR = true. Does that mean if i put “gdpr”:true in sdk_box.json it will work?

And please answer, for non-personalized ads, do we need to put ‘true’ or ‘false’ as an argument to setGDPR().

true => non-personalized


false => non-personalized ???

let’s double check this again.

setGDPR(true); for non-personalized ads
setGDPR(false); for personalized ads

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But according to this code:

if (PluginAdMob.this.mGDPR) {
extras.putString(“npa”, “1”);

mGDPR = true means non-personalized ads.

sorry for typo, update the reply comment.

You should update your answer to Wilem’s question as well.

And please put this into documentation as well. Because this is not documented and your reply above on Wilem’s question is wrong, it might cause huge problem to many developers…

For reference this is what you answered earlier:
SDKBox team


  • Will SDKBOX stop to collect users data?
  • Will UnityAds stop to collect users data?
  • Will UnityAds serve only “non-personalized” ads?


yes. i’m updating this feature. some bug here.

fixed on staging server, v2.4.3.4 version, to get the plugin:

sdkbox update --staging --nohelp

or download admob, unityads.

now, it’s ok to PluginXX::setGDPR before PluginXX::init().

Thanks for the update yinjimmy… Can you please update the documentation also :

Can you update PluginAppodeal with this feature too, please?


Im integrating admob for Android.
Can I ask which plugin currently support GDPR mode?
SdkboxAds or admob or both?
And which version to use? The staging version seem more up to date.