SDKBOX - Release with GDPR support Release Notes (20180508)


  1. Be complaint with EU GDPR
  2. Updated Privacy policy


  1. Ethereum pay (for cocos creator): try our Ethereum pay example here.


  1. AdMob: iOS SDK to 7.30.0
  2. Appnext: iOS SDK to 1.9.0
  3. Facebook: iOS SDK to 4.32.0
  4. UnityAds: iOS SDK to 2.2.0, Android 2.2.1
  5. Tune: iOS SDK to 5.1.0, Android 4.9.0
  6. Firebase: iOS SDK to 4.13.0
  7. Chartboost: iOS SDK to 7.1.2, Android 7.1.0
  8. Twitter: iOS SDK to 3.3.0, Android SDK to 3.3.0
  9. Apteligent: iOS SDK to 5.7.3, Android SDK to 5.8.10
  10. Google Play Service: 12.0.1


It looks like to get full gdpr compliance with chartboost, you need version 7.2.0 will that be updated soon?

Will we have a way to call that api? contains chartboost SDK update (7.2.0) releases at 20180522.

Awesome I saw the update and the api was added to call the correct api.

So it says if you call that api, no ads are displayed, thats to bad :frowning: I wonder why they can’t just show ads anyways but that are not tracking anything?

I tried unity ads to see if I could the same thing. It looks that api has not been implemented on the sdkbox side. Also I see on the unity website that we should see a banner the first time an ad shows up to give us the option to opt-out but I am not seeing it

Let me know if we have any info about all this. Thanks!

I’ll check these SDK.

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Any updates?

unityads plugin supports GDPR on staging.

new api for GDPR:

void setGDPR(bool enabled); // call after ::init();

import or update with staging server:

sdkbox import unityads --staging

adcolony supports GDPR on staging:

new api for GDPR:

void setGDPR(bool enabled); // must call before init()
sdkbox import adcolony --staging
# or 
sdkbox update adcolony --staging

What’s version of AdMob SDK for Android used? Is it 7.30.0 also?

Do you mean iOS SDK ? It’s 7.30.0

Android version is up to Google Play Services 12.0.1

@yinjimmy What does the function setGDPR? I can’t find it in the “Developer Manual & Documentation”.

For example, in unityads, if you execute setGDPR(false):

  1. Will SDKBOX stop to collect users data?
  2. Will UnityAds stop to collect users data?
  3. Will UnityAds serve only “non-personalized” ads?

In App Purchase plugin have this function?

Is there a method to erase the information collected in SDKBOX?


yes. i’m updating this feature. some bug here.

not yeah.

no, need to email us the IDFA to Android Ad ID in order to erase the associated data.


Hey, I am still not seeing ads for chartboost when I call restrictDataCollection, any idea why?

To enable GDPR data collection restrictions, call the restrictDataCollection method with the appropriate value for users who are EU Data Subjects. This method should be called before startWithAppId.

plz try call

PluginChartboost:: restrictDataCollection(true);



I still get the issue :confused: if I do sdkbox::PluginChartboost::restrictDataCollection(true); I get this error:
onChartboostFailedToLoad: Default, 6.

If I do sdkbox::PluginChartboost::restrictDataCollection(false);
I get no error.

I am doing this before init.

Could these affect anything? (From the chartboost dashboard)
-Opt out of behavioral targeting: false
-S2S Install TrackingLearn More: false

6 = CB_LoadErrorNoAdFound,
/*! No ad received. */

I think it is chartboost issue. continue concating with them.

Hi, How to allow/disallow to collect user data for AdMob through sdkbox ?

sdkbox::PluginAdMob::setGDPR (true) ; // or false, must call before `init`


Thank you.

@yinjimmy Does SDKBox come with consent dialog?