SDKBox - Release Notes - Tapcore

SDKBox - Release Notes - Tapcore
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#1 Release Notes (20170206)


  1. Support Tapcore
  2. Upgrade AdColony iOS SDK to 3.3.0 and Android SDK to 3.3.0
  3. Upgrade Firebase iOS SDK to 4.8.0
  4. Upgrade UnityAds iOS SDK to 2.1.2 and Android SDK to 2.1.2
  5. Facebook support set web login with PluginFacebook::setLoginBehavior(sdkbox::FBSDKLoginBehaviorBrowser); api
  6. We recommend Plugin SDKBoxAds to show ads, and other plugin AdMob, UnityAds etc as its mediation.
    So when you import Plugin AdMob or UnityAds, SDKBoxAds will import too.


  1. Fix requestAllAds for AdColony Android
  2. Fix Plugin Facebook callback for creator 1.7+, issue1, issue2, issue3
  3. Fix SDKBoxPlay apiclient is null
  4. Fix SDKBox crash when call
  5. Fix Appodeal FailToPresent event
  6. Fix Unity user agreement window

Whats tapcore ?

Tapcore technology allows mobile developers to detect all illegal copies of their mobile applications and generate revenue from them. When your app is pirated, the Tapcore SDK starts displaying ads to the pirated user. It also provides you with critical analytics regarding illegal installations of your apps. We can’t stop piracy, but we can help you monetize and track pirated installations of your IP!

We provide example and doc

How to integrate tapcore, just one line:

sdkbox import tapcore